To build a village

..within a city is apparently easy as long as you have the numbers. The red shirts are digging in, stubbornly.

I was greeted upon my commute by the sight of an entire red village built up on the streets of Bangkok. Some sights to share:

Food giveaway line:

The kitchen behind it:
Interestingly, monks are set up behind it.

Makeshift shower stalls:

Paraphernalia store:

Tent city residences:

Restaurants for those willing to pay despite the availability of free food:

As much as I want to say “I told you so” because I had been the contrarian of my group, convinced that the protesters would not disperse during the Songkran holiday, but build up instead. I predicted they would remain and grow over last week while many suspected the government would attempt to clean house by the holiday. Both predictions turned out to be partially correct.

Instead of earning bragging rights for my astute gauge of the Thai mentality, I now have a growing sense of foreboding that comes with the realisation that my next prediction is this stand-off will not end well for anyone as the red shirts dig themselves more and more into this.

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