Just don’t use the word “alarm”

A colleague called in late this morning, confessing to having forgotten to set his alarm clock last night. Too amused to let him get away with it, I composed a list of

10 Better Excuses for Why You are Late

– The A/C broke down and I had to take three Benadryl pills to pass out in the heat.
– I was rowing down the klong to work when I got swamped by a speeding fishtail boat’s wake.
– The BTS was held up by a royal motorcade.
– The taxi took me to the wrong place way out of town.
– Unexpected visitors knocked on the door at 3am.
– The motorcycle taxi tried to overcharge me and I had to hide until tempers settled down.
– The water pipe burst and no one would come until 10am.
– My last fish died and I had to bury it.
– The maid accidentally threw out the fish and I had to dig it out of the trash.
– My soi flooded and no one could get in or out.

Sadly, each of these can and have happened to many of us. As for the fish, it’s an inside joke- he bought a whole school of fish in a baggie in the market and most died within a couple of weeks. He’s down to his last original one right now.

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