Restaurant Review: Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill

Three locations, one an actual restaurant on Sukhumvit between Soi 12-14, next door to Times Square. The other two are mini-eatery style in the basement food level of Siam Paragon and on the fifth floor of the Emporium.

The only one I’ve been to is the basement of the Siam Paragon. The office had ordered for cater in a couple of times. I feel like the catering is better than the eatery. Not necessarily because the food is better. The selection in a cater menu is limited, but they do the limited menu well. They make nacho plates, burritos, and quesadillas on the spot, using a decent selection of fresh ingredients. The one thing wrong with their nachos is the cheese tastes like Velveta variety instead of proper melted cheese. Their ingredients include a delicious mucho mango sauce that is just a different spin to the salsa option and I need to find out the recipe for that.

They scratch my guacamole craving. That, to me, is the most important thing when going for Tex Mex. The food isn’t bad as eating Tex Mex goes in Southeast Asia. Given a tiny bowl of guacamole goes at a hefty cost of $5, I usually order a platter than includes guacamole. The plates, averaging at 200 baht ($6) include combinations carrying an American serving sizes of tacos, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas. A fajita will set you back $10.

The menu indicates either an American created it or that they confuse Mexico with USA (even though Tex-Mex is arguably American). Features order is “USA Cowboy Tacos” and a following description of “Three crispy Tacos stuffed with seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions and fresh tomato salsa. Served with Mexican rice and red beans.” Desserts are “Homemade Apple, Pumpkin or Key Lime Pie” and available in “You so GOTTA try! Slice” or a whole pie ($10!).

Verdict: they are OK. Makes for a filling cater lunch, but not worth trip to the eatery. I will have to try the restaurant for a more complete assessment, otherwise I’m moving on the the next attempt of a Tex Mex restaurant offering. Unless I want the mango sauce. That is just a unique offering appropriate for the location.

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill

  1. I enjoy your blog. Thought I write as Sunrise Tacos is my favorite restaurant for Mexican.You should try the carnitas burrito with mango salsa. It's great. I get that most of the time and have turned my friends on to it. The Tacos al Pastor they do is very good as well. They make their own corn tortillas so the taste of the corn, pork,pineapple and jalapeno is a good change. You also can get the mango salsa on it. I love the mango salsa as well. Could lick it off the plate. LOL. My Gf and I have met the chef who is Mexican and was at the Sukhumvit Soi 12- Soi 14 location, when I met him. Nice guy. He worked in Mexico, Hawaii and LA as a chef. My Gf gets the nacho supreme as well and notice the cheese was different a couple weeks ago. The chef said they were able to finally get Monterray Jack in Thailand and have just started melting it on the chips under the broiler. This is at the Soi 12 location. They have a free salsa bar there so my GF loads her nachos up with even more salsa. One other great thing you should know,even though I live a couple blocks away, they do 24 hours delivery. Been a treat when its raining out at midnight and I don't want to get wet. :-) Good place to visit after the bar closes. The carnitas burrito with mango taste awesome then! Thanks again for your blog. I like reading about your ventures

  2. Ronnie, Welcome and thanks :) I'll definitely check out the restaurant. I meant to try it after class this weekend but got distracted by my aching for neck massage instead.

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