Er, is the world spinning around me?

I recently spent a week’s holiday in New Zealand, primarily to ski.

After one long day off from the slopes to go horse riding, sightseeing, jumping, and wine tasting, I settled back into my room for the night. Spread across the bed with brochures and reading materials, I thought I felt some rumbling. Looking up, I would have sworn the clothes and laundry bag hanging off hangers were swinging. Damn, that must have been some potent pinot noir I had.

Then I realise the rumbling wasn’t my imagination. As it dawned on me, I glanced incredulously at the table where a gallon-jug partial filled with water sat. I just needed to make sure the water was swinging with everything else. Because I think I have found myself in one heck of an earthquake. A long one, too, over a minute.

Following news would announce it was a 7.8 earthquake off the coast of South Island. The magnitude of the earthquake prompted a tsunami warning.. An alarming 8-inch wave did occur, roughly around the same time worrisome Dad sent a panicky email saying “Watch out for the avalanche!!!”

I’m not surprised that there are earthquakes in New Zealand. I just didn’t expect the first one I consciously experience to be there! As I looked up the details this evening, I’m stunned to realize the last thirty in New Zealand all occurred within the past two weeks.

As of 24 July 09:

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