Bar Review – Vertigo

Well, it’s a restaurant also but there’s no way I’m paying for a meal up there. Should I date anyone when living in Bangkok, he can score brownie points by taking me up there.

It’s a rooftop bar/restaurant. The food, never tried. The drinks, most good, except the pina colada. But given it’s high end status, the bar tenders know their drinks. Unlike many bars where the menu lists whatever the Thai owner/manager/staff picked up from going overseas for a short stint without really learning the art of bartending and mixing drinks.

American prices. This place isn’t your cheap drinks stop. Or your Happy Hour regular. Unless you’re Hi So.

The view is worth it. Thanks to Scott for introducing me to it. And I’ve brought every single visitor here since, except my parents (ran out of time). At 61 floors, in a neighborhood not immediately crowded by other highrises, the view of the city is phenomenal and pretty much unblocked for miles if not too hazy. The sunsets have been gorgeous, even when clouds are present.

Here’s a couple lovely views from past visits.

Today, took Baby Brother and Nick up for a view. We missed a spectacular sunset that went into the clouds before we got to the building. While I did tell the boys to not wear flipflops I didn’t realize long pants was required. BB did dress rather smartly with khaki shorts and a polo shirt. No, they stopped us and asked the boys to change into loaner black pants. It struck me as we walked up and encountered another man who was wear the same pair of pants, his shorts rolled up in his hands. Since this was my first awareness of the loaner pants, I suddenly realised just how many other men were wearing them too.

It’s ironic. When the boys emerged from the men’s room in their black slacks, one other man schleped by in raggy jeans and sneakers. BB was more presentable in his shorts than this man in his jeans, I think. Worse yet, to me, is the significant pressence of older caucasian men with conspicuously young Thai escorts. As Nick points out, for a bar that’s trying to make itself high-end, the identical pants and the women of questionable repute is detracting from that ambiance.

We still enjoyed the drinks. And the view doesn’t change regardless of who is in the table behind you.

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