40baht – breakfast on the street

Such an experiment always required follow-up. So I did the same for breakfast yesterday morning. My findings were more substantial.

– Freshly squeezed orange juice for 20baht.
– Half a pineapple, sliced and ready to eat for 10baht.
– Thai breakfast sandwich, served diced (?!) for 10baht. Don’t ask. I’ve never had it before. I just saw it on the street vendor and said to myself, “There’s no way that would cost more than 10baht.” I was right.

I was so full with the food I didn’t get around to the juice until after lunch. Yuummm.

3 thoughts on “40baht – breakfast on the street

  1. You’re killing me. I miss my regular pineapple vendors. Safeway here doesn’t cut it. ‘specially at nearly 20x the price. For another tasty 10 baht treat try the corn fritters from the vendor between the steps up to the Ploenchit station (on the embassy side of sukhumvit).

  2. I am getting spoiled. I got indignant when one vendor charged me 15baht. Several times later I figured it out: one vendor was ripping me off anyway, the others had raised the price of guava (my other fruit favourite) but not of pineapple. Pineapple it is until all fruits come back into season. I’ll have to check the corn fritters… haven’t paid attention to that yet. I haven’t been able to find your donut hole vendor yet, either.

  3. the donut hole guy sells out by around 1 gotta be quick. 2 donut holes per baht! if you go out the back entrance of the embassy, turn right, take the 1st alley back to lang suan (lang suan 4?). he should be there on the corner. The alley known as lang suan 2 is the one straight across the street from the marriot entrance (for reference)

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