Heaven’s Smile

Back in the midst of the PAD protests and overtaking the airport, we also witnessed an astrological event, Earthshine, to also be aligned with Venus and Jupiter, making a smiling face. As corny as all the claims of how people feel like smiling when they see it, it’s true. When I saw it, I couldn’t resist admiring and smiling back. Not being a spiritual person by any stretch of the imagination, I couldn’t help feeling like the heaven’s were sending down a reassurance.

Photographing the sky is not a skill I have yet begun to understand. My best photos of the Earth’s Smile are not in any scenic set up. It was hard enough to get a somewhat clear photo of the three celestial objects alone.

40baht – breakfast on the street

Such an experiment always required follow-up. So I did the same for breakfast yesterday morning. My findings were more substantial.

– Freshly squeezed orange juice for 20baht.
– Half a pineapple, sliced and ready to eat for 10baht.
– Thai breakfast sandwich, served diced (?!) for 10baht. Don’t ask. I’ve never had it before. I just saw it on the street vendor and said to myself, “There’s no way that would cost more than 10baht.” I was right.

I was so full with the food I didn’t get around to the juice until after lunch. Yuummm.