Restaurant Review: Cabbages and Condoms

If eating on a table of condoms is your thing, this is the place to go. For two guests- harraton and her hubby The Princeton Boy- and me, it was one evening last week.

Run by a non-profit that is an equivalent to Family Planning for the Americans, the profits go to sponsor eduation of birth control, STD prevention, family planning, as well as rural development and charity.

After walking through a rather nice little walkway through some tropics plans, one is greeted by a statue of Captain Condom, decked out completely by condoms and birth control pills. Colourful ones, too.

The menu features primarily Thai dishes. But the quality of the food, so-so. It’s decent enough that I don’t feel like we were cheated out of our money but in a city of Thai food, it wasn’t exceptional either.

One goes just for the experience. With outdoor seating and open-air top floor bar, the decoration and decor is something of a site that you should see just because you have the opportunity to. The cause doesn’t hurt either, not in a city that thrives off a shady sex industry.

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