Ka, ka, ka, kap, ka, kaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

I’ve started tallying up the use/interpretation/meaning of “ka” or “kap”(used by men, the former by women). It’s an one-word sentence that is the most prevalently heard expression.

So far, I’ve come up with:
– Hi.
– Hello.
– Bye.
– Sure.
– OK.
– Yes.
– I hear ya.
– I get it.
– I understand.
– I can do it.
– If you want.
– Fine.
– You’re good to go.
– Sir/Madam (as in greeting)
– (grunt- as in acknowledgment)
– Alright. (as in, alright, alright, jeez!)
– Here.
– There.
– Whatever you say.
– Hey.
– I hear you.
– Yes, exactly.

Imagine.. not having all those options, and cutting down to a syllable. Kaaaa.

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