For the first time in its six month history, PAD protesters stormed Bangkok’s International Airport.

To emphasize how monumental that is, many have assumed that the Suvarnabhumi Airport was some sort of sacred neutral ground. While protesters have sat on roadways leading into the airport in September, they have not disrupted the international travel. When I announced the news to a couple of coworkers, including one who has been living in Thailand for almost a decade, he dismissed me, saying I am confusing it with Don Muang, the old international and now lesser used airport in Bangkok.

No air travel through Bangkok is operating. There has been no mention of transfering any minimum business to Don Muang.

My next thought is how long until the expat community, and ultimately the international community, decide they won’t tolerate this anymore?

10… 9… 8… 7… countdown until parents call in a frenzy demanding I be safe.

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