Restaurant Review: Curries and More

Owned and run by the same restaurant, Baan Khanitha, Curries and More was a convenient stop after work.

We’re fast learning that family style dining is the cheapest and best way to get a good sampling of all the different kinds of dishes restaurants have. Given the sheer selection available in Bangkok alone, it’s critical in my attempt to try a wide range of restaurants.

Specialty, obviously, curry dishes. Heavy emphasis on red curries. Only one green curry dish that I was able to find in their glossy menu. We ordered a selection of red, yellow, and green curry dishes each and one stir-fried dish. All the dishes had a blend of meat and vegetables, eliminating the need to order an extra veggie dish to balance the meal. We had rice, charged by person, but served and refilled until rice grains are popping out of your pores. The meal was topped off with a dessert, selection leaning on the crêpe varities.

Modern elegant interiors, very attentive hovering waiters. Given that the restaurant is smack in the middle of the embassy district, a majority of patrons were foreigners.

We started by sitting in a table outside in the pleasant weather. But I had to beg to move in after a few mosquito bites. A friend jokingly showed up in a later meal with an enormous jug of bug spray for me.

Price: ~300 THB/person. No alcohol ordered.

Thoughts: Fantastic food. Although large in menu, it felt limited in variety. Many were variations of the similar dish. We ordered mostly curries given the name of the restaurant, but reviews indicate the place offers enough food for even those who prefer not to eat curry. I didn’t pay attention. The way I see it: if you don’t like curry, go to one of the remaining tens of thousands of restaurants in the area.

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