Restaurant Review: Patra

This meal in courtesy of a family friend who both selected this location and treated us.

The whole restaurant was empty except for us while we were there. Normally, it should be considered a bad sign that business would be this bad.

But the food was excellent. As was the service. Of course, having a host who is Thai and can communicate helps! Most of the dishes are very classic Thai, well cooked and presented, but not varying off the traditional menu. Despite it’s gourmet status, the dishes were not butchered up to add any modern or gourmet cooking style or taste.

We ordered a very classic Thai meal, it seems. Curry, chicken on a stick, tom yam, som tam, fish, prawns… we touched very food category there is, and polished it off with mango sticky rice and coffee.

I loved the restaurant. It’s a high-end place that you can take people who enjoy Thai food, but may not yet be exposed to the extremes of the flavours available. For the nervous, it offered a clean, comfortable venue.

I didn’t look at the bill but I suspect the meal doesn’t come cheap.

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