English cognates, sorta

A scene from my language class last weekend:

Me: How do you say ‘night bazaar’ in Thai?
Instructor: Ni(ght) bah-zaahr
Me: Chai. Night bazaar. What’s the Thai word for it?
Instructor: Ni(ght) baah-zaaah-(r)
Me: Night bazaar. A night market. The one on Suan Luam.
Instructor: Ni(ght) baah-zaah-(r)
Me: No.
Instructor: Ni(ght) baah-zaah-(r)
Me: Seriously?
Instructor: Ni(ght) baah-zaah-(r)
Me: You’ve got to be kidding me. *sigh* (parroting) ni(ght) baah-zaah-(r)
Instructor: Chai!! Very good.

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