Driving in Bangkok

I’ve driven the grand total of five times since my car arrived this month:

– The day after delivery to the inspection facility.
– The following day to fill up on gas.
– The following day to bring the car home.
– The following day to take parents to my office for show and tell.
– The following day to go shopping for a whole trunk of groceries.

Since then, the car has been collecting dust in the bottom level of the parking garage.

Lessons from driving:
– Don’t make sudden turns and swerves, or you’ll hit an on-coming motorcyclist trying to sneck around you.
– People to give way if you turn on your turn signal.
– Look twenty times before making a move, because the scene changes every second.
– People don’t notice when you drive without a license plate.
– It’s nice to have someone on the passenger seat to reach out to pay the toll.
– 3 miles can mean anywhere between three minutes and one hour.
– Driving while functionally illiterate ain’t pretty.

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