I have a completely different kind of a pest infestation. Not rats, not cockroaches.


Oh, yeah. Pigeons. They are all over my balcony, especially in front of my bedroom. And they poop everywhere. Ugh. My morning routine has become, wake up, fumbled for my glasses, roll out of bed, scare the pigeons away, shuffle to the bathroom to brush my teeth….

I curse them all the perdition and hope they end with a fate like this:

2 thoughts on “Pests

  1. I had that problem in San Diego. Yeah, all the poop is really freaking gross, and the low frequency noises they make are annoying. We had to wait until the little babies grew up and then fenced off the nest to keep them from nesting near my room. Good luck with getting rid of the birds!

  2. The noise. It sounds something like hooting. It threw me off trying to figure out the source of that noise, especially at night. ugh.

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