Mayoral elections

While PAD camps out in the government complex, the mayoral elections for Bangkok are taking place, in a very open casual fanfare, as if the national government wasn’t weathering its storm.

The campaigning was done mostly by trucks driving around playing recorded campaign messages on a rigged PA system. Some large posters are hung up along the sidewalks, but few of them fared through the heavy monsoons we endured lately.

Last night’s sighting was a variation. It was, I assume, the incumbent trying to argue for a second term… with the number 2 as the main clue. Apologies for the blurriness of the photo. In the night, it was hard to get anything. The man with the flag was indeed saluting me. The initial flash alerted me and he looked up to pose for the second shot. His companion was wearing a face mask of the candidate, which struck me more satirical than supportive. Or maybe I was wrong.. they maybe arguing against a second term. Who knows. I probably won’t.

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