VIPs passing

I had my second chance encounter with the VIP security details. The policeman was standing in front of the escalator that lead to the Skytrain. He was blocking me from my way home.

It took the two minutes he asked us to wait for me to process in why. I suspected after the first that it was because a motorcade was approaching. It took the second for me to realize the skywalk overlooked the road, and the path of the motorcade.

After seeing all those pictures of the POTUS and the serious looking, dark-suited, sunglasses-donning Secret Service agents around him, this security detail was nothing like that. Granted, the police officer wasn’t the immediate detail. Still. Cherubic pinch-able cheeks, with a permanent smile? I could have just bulldozed him over myself.

OK, maybe the fact that he had a gun would have lead to a bad result.

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