Elephant neighbour

I’ve always suspected the elephants that walk around the streets of Bangkok were either living or being unloaded near my neighbourhood.

But I never expected to bump into one right on my street. No, I didn’t literally bump into it. It was walking the opposite direction, on the other lane. The only reason I saw it was because the person perched on it caught my attention, not the elephant itself.

For big animals, they can be surprisingly stealthy. Think of it. No hoofs.

I assumed after my first couple of encounters, that it was one elephant. I was wrong. This one is definitely different.. given that’s it stands over three feet taller and probably half a ton heavier. Oh, yes, that number was completely random. I can barely estimate human weight, how the heck was I supposed to explain how much bigger an elephant neighbor is more than his distant cousin that I see more often. Yes, the gender was a guess too.

So, that brings my tally of elephant count to a definite at least three different ones who are brought walking around the streets.

I’m still a bit dazed that there was one on my street. My street isn’t a throughway. There are a couple of restaurants but not that far down from the main road. Most buildings are apartment and condo buildings, creating what many call a “high soi” neighbourhood (more on that later). The biggest activity is a huge number of condo buildings under constructions. So, where the hell was it coming from and why?

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