Pennywise doesn’t stand a chance

This is stuff that rivals clown horror flicks that give me nightmares. But at the same time, when you see so many, you reach a point where you can only burst out laughing at the sheer weirdness of it all.

I know the head is considered a very sacred part of the body (as opposed to anything below the waist, getting progressively more “dirty” as you reach the feet… on the same person?). But is adding a head to all the mannequins, disproportionately small, and hideously ugly, necessary?

It’s odd. Sometimes the outfit on the mannequin is actually quite a nice ensemble, worth considering to buy, but, do these people realise how much the head detracts from the sales image?

It is also a disturbingly commonplace trend.

Oh, I can’t explain. I’ll just let you judge for yourself.

Perhaps scariest of them all… what do you say? The one on the right is benign, comparatively speaking, no?

Many, many thanks to Carolyn for not only coming up with the idea of this last shot but also taking it.

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