Someone explain to me this sudden trend that popped up this afternoon:

In all fairness: I haven’t seen it outside the JJ Market, where I took these photos.

Also, I missed two great photo shoots for this collection. 1. A Thai guy wearing a cowboy hat, white tank top and aviator sun glasses. To add to it, he sported a well trimmed goatee. Man, do you have any idea how hard it is to run through a thronging crowd of Thais on a hot afternoon in the middle of the most densely populated market chasing after a guy? I stopped after I tripped the fifth person. 2. A group of high school kids, in their uniforms of white button shirts with navy skirts (girls) and burmuda slacks (guys), all donning some assortment of cowboy hats.

And, for full disclosure, this is what is on the wall behind my TV:

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