Think as the locals do- NOT

I found a newspaper column that rivals a friend’s mockery of her hometown newspaper police blotter! It is in the BK Magazine, published towards the end of each week, and provides a listing of activities and events around town, like a watered down version the the Washington City Paper that I used to pick up on Thursdays.

This week’s Mr. Know-It-All advice column:

Dear Mr. KIA: I am a 32-year-old secretary and recently I don’t feel as sexy, confi dent or beautiful as I did when I was younger. I think my boss is starting to get bored with me as I am not as cute and perky as the more youthful secretaries in my office. I would love to know if there are any places where I can buy some sexy lingerie to boost my confi dence and feel as hot as I did a few years ago. I want to outshine my colleagues and stop my boss from flirting with them.—Hot or Not?

I am now reminded why a coworker and I used to make a mad dash for the advice columns on the Washington Post at work each morning. Last week’s was almost as good, and was what caught my attention to this publication to begin with:

Dear Mr. KIA: My fiance has gone to London for one of his business trips again. So yeah, I’m left behind here in Bangkok. Thankfully he allowed me to use his Platinums while he’s away. Now that I have all this time and money, I wanna do something different for myself other than going shopping with the girls. I’m bored of them. Is there anywhere I can learn crafts? I especially want to learn how to make bead jewelry. Thanks!—Beady Eyes.

What can I say? They think differently here.

Aside: They really think differently here. If you are applying to a job here in Bangkok, they also require a photo in addition to your resumé.

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