Klong Toey

Supposedly the biggest food market in town. We arrived around 10am, and they were still setting up, with a lot of stalls still vacant. But enough for me to get a sampling of what is available. I am surprised though, that the bulk of the market activity happens so late in the day, in the heat.

Clearly, this is the cheapest place to get food. When price signs have numbers ranging from 5 to 25 THB, and realising that the prices were per kilo, it’s hard to beat. Almost anywhere in the world, I suspect. I now understand how Thais can afford to live when sometimes Bangkok seems more expensive.

Klong Toey is clearly organised and established. I didn’t hear much haggling going on, although I would walk down an aisle and see prices fluctuating for the same produce, stall to stall. Products range from fresh (and flopping) seafood to vegetables to cooking utensils.

The good thing is this place is so close. The bad thing is it is too far to walk comfortably in the humidity, too close to hail a cab willing to work for small fare. What a quandary for me!

I intend to try to visit twice a month now, on the weekends, to get some fruits and vegetables and familiarise myself with with tropical fruits not elsewhere available.

My favourite sight, though, are the basket carriers. Men with huge shopping baskets hitched on dollies, whom you can hire for 30-40 baht to wheel around your groceries behind you through the market as you shop. What a job!

And don’t wonder where your shoes have been. Wear closed-toe shoes you are willing to get dirty. It’s not that bad, but don’t pay too much attention. If the native market vendors wear wellies, it should be clue enough.