Trader Vic’s

What a gorge-fest! I was invited to join a group of coworkers for brunch and I thought they were kidding when they said they were eating at the Marriott hotel. Huh? In Bangkok, and the only place they can think of was the Marriott?

It was well worth it. And had my first series (yes, not just one) Mai Tais, even though, according to my friends’ research for my good-bye party back in DC, a Mai Tai isn’t even Thai.

I looked it up this afternoon once I got home. Trader Vic’s isn’t even unique to Bangkok. It’s a chain.

But a darn good one. Buffet-style and great selection of food. A sophisticated selection of food. It’s not brunch-style food at all. And the dessert selection rivals the salty dishes in quantity and choice. So, eat slowly, pace yourself, and save room for dessert. We were there over three hours. There’s not other way.

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